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A Really Quick Way to Release Stress. It's Magic!

This week I want to share with you one of my favourite ninja tricks. It's called Tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).

Tapping, as it is commonly known, is a cross between Eastern and Western healing modalities. There are 9 points that you tap during a round of tapping. Each of those points represents a different meridian point. 

While you're tapping you say a phrase or setup statement. Watch this week's video to learn all the ins and outs of this amazing healing modality.

The best thing about tapping is that it doesn't take much time and you're pretty much guaranteed to feel better. It's a great tool to use for stress, anxiety or even physical pain. You can do a couple of rounds of tapping in under two minutes... and everyone's got two minutes. Try it out for yourself!

I love hearing about your experience with the tools I'm sharing. Send me an email and let me know how your tapping experience goes. Email me at [email protected]

Until next time, be well!

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10 Ways to Boost Immune Health

It can seem like the sky is falling. 

It isn't. 

I want to share with you all the ways you can help your body to become stronger and more resistant to illness.

Use this time to make your health a top priority in your life. There are many simple things you can add into your daily routine to make being a healthy the easiest option. 

With all the news and experts talking about COVID-19 it can seem like individuals are helpless. We're definitely not.

It's about knowing what to do and then doing it consistently.

All of us are powerful. Your body is very resilient. When you give your body great nutrition and detoxify your system regularly, optimal health is possible. 

Many of the practices I'm sharing I've done myself for many years. I've been doing Facebook Lives this week to share some of these tools in greater depth. You can follow my page Julie Brar Health Coach if you want to watch these videos.

1) Nutrition is where it all starts. Giving your body lots of...

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Tips on How to Stay Healthy During Coronavirus Outbreak

Have you heard? There's a virus outbreak.

(And I'm running a free 7-day Juice & Smoothie Challenge starting March, 21st - more info at the end of the post!)

Everyone's been talking about it. Many are panicking. For some reason people are buying up all the toilet paper they can get their hands on.

What does toilet paper have to do with it?

There are things you can do for yourself and your family besides panicking and freaking out. Stocking up on toilet paper and cans of tuna fish isn't the answer.

If you don't know, the evidence is pointing to this coronavirus coming from bats that were for sale in a wet market in China. Wet markets are where many different species of animals are housed in filthy conditions. Animals that humans should absolutely not be consuming.

It's not a question of if a virus outbreak will happen, more like a question of when. A wet market in China was also ground zero for the SARS outbreak back in 2003.

Thankfully one of the benefits of the coronavirus...

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When Was the Last Time You Played?

Do you remember when you were a kid?

Life was pretty exciting. Everything was an adventure.

Then you grew up and everything got so serious.

Adulting isn't for the faint of heart. 

Who has time to play when there are bills to pay, kids to take care of, and career highs to achieve? 

Am I right?

Here's the truth of the matter though. The more serious you get about life, the harder life gets. The heavy energy generated from all that seriousness causes a slow down in life force energy... making you feel even more tired and run down.

I've been enjoying the last few days in sunny California, reconnecting with friends and overdosing on some much-needed vitamin D. Mostly I've been getting back to having some good old fashioned FUN! Hanging out on the beach, listening to the ocean waves and dancing to my favourite tunes.

Letting my hair down and chilling out has resulted in some pretty magical things.

I've met some amazing people the last few days who feel like lifelong...

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The Real Cost of Bad Health

We all want more don't we? 

How many of us actually commit to the blood, sweat, and tears to get more. Sadly most of humanity settles.

For jobs they don't want.

Relationships that bring them down.

Habits that are robbing them of their vitality.

It's so sad. Most people go to their graves without ever really experiencing their full potential. I don't mean that in some weird new-agey way. I mean that sincerely. 

Full confession: I was coasting along a few years ago, not really passionate about anything. I had a good life, but I have to admit there wasn't much that got me excited. I was married to a great guy, we had all the trappings of success, but really there wasn't anything that got me fired up. And most people would say that's okay.

It was only after my husband passed away suddenly from a heart attack that I found my true calling. I discovered that I really want to help people get healthy and live their lives on purpose.

Why? Because the person I loved more than...

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What Are You Addicted To?

All of us are addicted. To something. 

What are you addicted to? Do you know? For many people food is a common addiction.

Fast foods, fried foods, processed foods... These are all common foods that people are addicted to. Besides food, people are also addicted to anything from binge-watching Netflix, shopping, alcohol, drugs, sex or any number of other things.

In this blog I'm going to focus on how food can be addictive. 

With food there's the habit of reaching for a certain food as a coping mechanism, or as an escape. Once you get into the habit of doing that, your body can also become chemically addicted to that food.

In fact, many processed foods are formulated to ensure you become addicted! Sugar is a prime example.  Sugar is highly addictive, more addictive than cocaine. 

Sugar actually changes your gut microbiome. Once that happens, the bacteria in your gut actually screams out for more sugar. You can want to stop eating sugar, but the...

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ONE Phrase That Will Change How You Look at Things

Everyone wants to do amazing things. 

Well maybe not everyone, but most people want more from their lives.

What stops most people from achieving great things?

Fear. Doubt. Perfectionism.

For some reason, as soon as we become adults, we want to either be amazing at something in the first five minutes, or we don't even attempt it.

This goes for learning a new physical skill, writing a book, starting a business, working out again after many years of non-activity and many many other things. 

A couple of years ago I learned a magical phrase from one of my teachers, Marie Forleo. I'm not sure if she coined the phrase but she's definitely the first person I've heard say it.

Progress not perfection.

These three simple words can help you a thousand fold in your life. They can free you from keeping impossibly high standards for yourself, and instead lead you to focus on a goal one step at a time.

These three magical words will change how you look at life. 

At the...

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Want to Hit the Reset Button?

 Did you start this year buzzing with excitement? 

Then by mid January your enthusiasm had fizzled to nothing? Probably doesn't help that January always feels like a year. Now what?

With eleven months left in the year is that it? Are you packing it in?

Did you know that all of the most successful people in sports, entertainment and business work with coaches? They have coaches for nutrition, fitness, mindset. Some even have coaches for sleep! 

What does that mean? It means that if you're trying to figure things out on your own it's going to take longer to get results. You also have no guarantee that you'll every get to your goals. You may also spend a lot of time spinning your wheels.

Sadly most people invest more in their cars than in themselves. You want to know something? Investing in yourself will always pay off unlike investing in a car where it's always a losing game. Cars are depreciating assets. 

Why do extremely successful people use coaches?


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What is gly-PHO-sate and why it matters

When I first learned about glyphosate I wanted to ignore it. The word isn't so easy to pronounce and it's easier to want to ignore it.

Thankfully I kept learning about glyphosate and now I'm grateful that I didn't ignore this very real problem in our modern diet. 

Let's get the pronunciation out of the way and then I'll fill you in on why this isn't something you want to ignore.

The word is pronounced Gly-PHO-Sate

So what exactly is glyphosate and why should you care? Glyphosate is a water soluble toxin that can be found in the herbicide Roundup. It's used mostly in farming and sprayed onto crops like oats, corn, soy and many others. Due to the fact that it's water soluble, it has the ability to travel anywhere in the environment. Since we live on a planet that's made up of mostly water, glyphosate is in the soil, air and water.

And there lies the rub.

Unlike other toxins that might be fat soluble, because glyphosate is water soluble it can go anywhere there's...

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What You Need To Know About Your Second Brain

Did you know that your gut is your second brain? Some researchers even think that your gut is more important than your brain. 

Fact: 65% of your immune system is housed in your gut. There’s more serotonin in your gut than your brain. If your gut bacteria is out of balance, the rest of your body will also be out of balance and you may find yourself getting sick more often. 

What gets your gut out of whack? 

The #1 suspects are poor food choices. Especially highly processed foods, fried foods, and sugar. They feed the bad bacteria and drown out the good bacteria living in your gut microbiome.

 You may find your mood is affected if you’re ingesting a lot of processed sugars. If you're getting moody highs and lows look at your diet. It's a vicious circle because stress also has a huge impact on your gut health.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed out that things don’t feel right in your gut? That feeling can...

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