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We all use many products in our day to day lives. Unfortunately most products are made cheaply with poor quality materials and minimal benefit to the end user. For this reason I’ve been on a search to find the best of the best not only for my own personal use but to also be able to recommend to my clients with confidence.

Below are some of the products that I use daily and love. Some I've been using for a year, others I've been using for years. They all do different things and support optimal health in different ways. My goal in everything that I use is to create better health at the cellular level. Health beings at the cell level. The foundational products have profoundly changed my health. I know my health wouldn't be where it is without them. I continue to use them daily for this reason.

I’ve negotiated discounts to pass onto my clients and friends. I hope you find value in using some of these amazing products!



Please start here on your health journey. Health begins at the cell level. Your body needs to be nourished to properly in order to prepare for detoxification. To address heavy metal/chemical toxicity or parasites the foundation starts at nourishment and hydration to support cellular detoxification. Give these products at least 2 months before you dive into deeper detoxification. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] I want you to have radiant health and to feel great in your body. To make that happen, it’s important to go step by step.

Powerful Micronutrient Nutrition

Nourishment is important for cellular health. Unfortunately, our food system is severely compromised with franken foods that have many calories and minimal nutrients. Processed ingredients, toxic chemicals, additives, preservatives and herbicides are the norm in the food system. 

Because of how compromised the food system is, we’re seeing disease in epic numbers. Obesity, type 2 diabetes, and autoimmune conditions are rampant. When I was dealing with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s I found that no matter how much I tried to improve my diet I saw minimal results. I realize now it’s because much of what is sold as food is grown in nutrient depleted soils and sprayed generously with toxic chemicals.

For these reasons, I have been using a micronutrient dense superfoods line as a part of my daily nutrition now for 5 years. This product line supported my body to come off thyroid medication I had been on for 6 years.

These superfoods are grown in regenerative soil and tested 37 times from seed to package. They have better quality control than anything you’re currently purchasing at a grocery store or even a farmer's market. My suggestion is to start on the 90 day protocol to nourish your cells, detox your gut and address parasites in your gut. ***If you're pregnant or nursing please don't use the Super CleansR. There's a different pack for you and I can suggest a safer parasite cleanse. 

I also love that this line comes in compostable hemp packaging. This company puts people and planet first in all that they do!

Use gift card code balanceyourhealth to get 25% off! 

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CellPower Hydrogen Water Bottle

Water is life! Most people are dehydrated at the cell level which means that nutrients and hydration isn't getting to their cells. The quality of water you drink has a profound effect on your health. Every single process in your body needs water. Hydrogen water is a powerful way to create health in your body. Hydrogen is the smallest molecule and has the ability to penetrate the cell walls and even the blood brain barrier. This is important because it has the ability to truly hydrate your 75 trillion cells. Among the many benefits of drinking hydrogen water some of those benefits are- anti- inflammatory, anti cancer, protects DNA and RNA, supports immune health, reduces muscle fatigue and so much more! The hydrogen bottle I recommend has been tested clinically and is rated the top bottle in the world. It also has 3 modalities in one bottle which makes it truly unique. Please avoid using RO, Distilled, tap or alkaline water with this bottle. This hydrogen water bottle is best used with spring water or filtered water. 

The changes that I have noticed since I started using this bottle is better recovery from workouts, I feel stronger in workouts and no more hair loss!

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Redox Cell Signaling

Health all begins at the cell level. Without healthy cells the body can’t function. Foundational to health are redox cell signalling molecules as they enable proper communication between your cells. After puberty your body produces less redox molecules. Each decade your body produces 10% less than the decade before.

With that the communication between cells starts to break down resulting in inflammation and cellular breakdown. One of the easiest things you can do for your health is to take redox support daily. I’ve been using them daily for months and have noticed better sleep, faster recovery from workouts and better skin. Their skin care line is amazing!

Get a case and see for yourself! ***When you have a monthly order you get a bigger discount. 

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Once your body is nourished, you can start to detoxify your body of heavy metals, toxic chemicals and parasites. There’s a gentle parasite cleanse that’s a part of the Purium Transformation. For deeper protocols using herbs or Cell Core email me directly. Parasite protocols vary depending on the person, elimination pathways and state of health. It’s unwise to start parasite cleansing without proper guidance and support. You can safely detox chemicals and do the Purium cleanse in the meantime.

Stellar Detoxification Tools

The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation addresses heavy metals and parasites in the gut. However heavy metals, molds, parasites and pathogens can be anywhere in your body. Your body is exposed to 4-5 times more toxicity than it can realistically remove every day.

Zeolites are a powerful way to remove heavy metals and pathogenic viruses from your body. What makes these zeolites special is that they are nano sized particles that have been cleaned after capture. Their size allows them to sweep through your entire body collecting heavy metals, chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Any debris they pick up are expelled out through the urine. When your body has less toxicity, it can function better.

The safest parasite cleanses I have found is the nano silver. It’s suitable for anyone- nursing moms, kids, babies and even pets. Like the zeolites the silver is nano particle sized. It goes throughout your body to get rid of molds, bacteria, viruses, and any other pathogens. It’s great to pair along with the Super Cleansr in the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation kit.

For the first time using zeolites I recommend using the 5 pack of the zeolites because you’re going to be taking 10 drops 4X/day for 90 days. After 90 days you can go to a maintenance dose of 10 drops 2X/day. We’re always exposed to toxins and heavy metals. It’s best to be proactive. I use Cell Defender daily. I keep the Nano Silver on hand in case I get exposed to anything. Two really handy tools to have in your holistic health toolkit, especially if you have little ones!

***You can get a wholesale account that locks in a bigger discount. You don't need a monthly order to maintain the discount.

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Castor Oil packs

Castor oil packs are a great way to support cleansing in your body. The packs can be used on your liver, gut, kidneys, adrenals or thyroid. Castor oil packs are such an easy and simple way to support detoxification in your body! This is a great tool to use as a part of your detoxification toolkit. Use code JULIEBRAR10 to get a 10% discount.

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This is the fun stuff! You can add this in at any point in your journey depending on your interest.

Stem Cell Activation

As we age, we also lose stem cells. Getting stem cells exogenously can cost tens of thousands of dollars and be ineffective. The best way is to get stem cells is to have your body activate its own. Fasting and cold plunges are a couple of ways to get the body to activate stem cell production.

I’ve also found that applying stem cell patches daily has also been very beneficial. The biggest thing I have noticed is even deeper sleep and more energy throughout my day. I never get tired! Between the redox signalling molecules and the stem patches my skin is also looking much better. When I added the stem cell patches almost a year ago I started to notice more hair growth as well. Not sure about you, but I'll use any biohack I can get my hands on to reverse age. The best part? This is completely non invasive and non toxic!

Stem cell patches allow your body to activate the copper peptide in the cell that allows your body to make its own stem cells. The redox signalling molecules and the stem cell patches are a powerful way to support cellular health for less than the price of a Starbucks latte.

See for yourself! Start with the Silver pack of X39 patches and try the stem cell patches for 90 days. The best deal is the Silver pack which gives you patches for 90 days and locks in a discount on future orders.

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We Are Energy

Everything is energy! Are you aware of the energy in your day to day life and how that's attracting experiences to you?

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. For over 15 years daily meditation has been a part of my practice. I’ve gone to Vipassana (ten days of silent meditation) 6 times so far.

Even the most conscious person can get in their own way. We all carry traumas and subconscious habits that can block us from our own greatness.

I started to use a frequency healing device to support my body to help remove energy blocks. Even though I meditate daily I found myself getting stuck and frustrated. My nervous system was overwhelmed by stress.

The device I recommend uses a quantum censor to pull frequencies from the field. If you’re familiar with the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza you may understand. Since I started using it, I have noticed my nervous system is calmer, my mind steadier and my mood has improved.The changes are subtle yet profound enough to create noticeable change for me.

I have also noticed that serendipities and powerful energy shifts have been occurring in my life. My work is about supporting the whole human to optimal health- mind, body and spirit. Nutrition is important but so is having a regulated nervous system. Frequency healing is energy medicine in action. Send me an email if you’d like further information on how frequency healing can support your health goals.

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We’re bombarded with EMFs and 5G technology 24/7. Even if you turn off your Wi-Fi at night you have no control over the plethora of Wi-Fi signals hitting your body day and night from others' Wi-Fi networks around you. There's also computers, electronics in your home and so much more. Constant exposure to EMFs can affect your brain health, your mood, sleep and even be potentially cancer causing. EMFs affect the communication pathways of all of your cells 24/7.  Airestech has third party tested and validated devices that defract the EMFs targeting your body so that your body can be protected against this daily onslaught. Use gift card code BALANCELIFE at check out to get 25% off.

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Oura Ring

I am a sleep nerd! It’s not an accident that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. Sleep is a vital process that helps your brain to recover from the day, balance hormones, detoxify your cells and help reduce stress. When your body doesn't get adequate sleep, especially deep sleep, your body can't recover properly. This can create a down regulation of hormones which can affect your hunger, your mood and much more! A lack of sleep is perceived as a state of emergency by your body. If weight loss is a goal, your body won't release weight if you're not getting proper sleep. The quality of sleep is vital for all your health goals.

The Oura is a great tool to help you figure out what you may need to do for sleep. To get deeper sleep I use the Apothecherry (which is in the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation), Pineal Clear (helps decalcify the pineal gland, also from Purium), ASEA redox and stem cell patches. Some nights I get close to 3 hours of deep sleep! That's a huge win for recovery.

I’ve had my Oura ring for 3 years and love it. I track my sleep cycles nightly which allows me to plan my activities for the day. On nights where I may not get enough deep sleep (very important for recovery and tissue regeneration) I can adjust my activities the next day accordingly. The Oura ring tracks sleep cycles, calories, steps, and your HRV.

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