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How Optimal Gut Health Can Protect Against COVID-19

What's the gut got to do with it?

All disease begins in your gut. Unfortunately the standard Western diet does a number on your gut health. Compromised gut health affects your immune health. Change your diet, change your gut microbiome. 

Poor immune health makes your susceptible not only for COVID-19 but also to any other viruses or bugs that might be floating around. 

Along with poor diet choices there are also chemicals in your food that makes having a healthy gut next to impossible. One of the worst chemicals in the food system is glyphosate. 

The word is pronounced Gly-PHO-Sate.

What exactly is glyphosate and why should you care? Glyphosate is a water soluble toxin that can be found in the herbicide Roundup. It's used mostly in farming and sprayed onto crops like oats, corn, soy and many others. Due to the fact that it is water soluble, it has the ability to travel anywhere in the environment. Since we live on a planet that's made up of mostly water, glyphosate...

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