The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Someone ever hurt you so bad you wanted them to burn in hell?

Is it just me? Didn't think so. People do some pretty shitty things. 

I didn't realize it but for many years I carried around the shitty things that had been done to me like a badge of honour. This person did this, someone else did that. My feelings were hurt, lines were crossed, it wasn't fair.

I'd have long internal conversations with myself about how I had been wronged. It was wrong and people suck sometimes. I wanted to cocoon myself and never come out. 

Then I started to do some spiritual work. The very first book I read about this kind of 'spiritual stuff' was Gary Zukov's 'The Seat of the Soul.' A light went on for me. I realized that if I wanted to change my experiences I had to start to embrace forgiveness. I had to let go of anger.

Wanting to do something and actually doing it are two different things. I took baby steps in self evolution. I practiced forgiveness here and there. Then I went to do my...

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