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How Can Mama Earth Help You? The Simple But Powerful Benefits of Grounding

You're on edge, stressed, anxious. 

I get it. These are the strangest of strange times. I had moments in the early weeks where I straight up wanted to scream. Moments of complete anxiety and overwhelm. Days that were far from productive, where I was spinning my wheels. 

I didn't make myself feel bad though. I reminded myself that none of us have a guide book right now. We're simply doing our best.

I went back to a practice I learned from a healer several years ago, at a time when I had days where I felt like coming out of my skin.


This simple but powerful practice helped me move through a very difficult period in my life. There are several ways to ground but I'll share the one that I practiced at the time.

The theory behind grounding is that it affects the living matrix, which is the central connector between living cells. It uses the electrical charges from the earth to affect health. Electrical conductivity exists within the matrix that functions as an immune system defence, similar to antioxidants. Natural defences of the body can be restored through grounding. 

In one small study found in PubMed on grounding and heart health, 10 healthy participants were grounded using patches on the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet.

Blood measurements were taken before and after grounding to determine any changes in blood cell fluidity, which plays a role in heart health. The results indicated significantly less red blood cell clumping after grounding, which suggests that grounding is beneficial for heart health.

How do you do it?

There are a few different ways but the easiest one is simply to walk in the grass barefoot. I used to find parks near me, take my shoes off and go for a stroll.

You can also use sand or mud. Make sure you're barefoot though. It's about creating a connection between yourself and Mother Earth. Most of us have our feet in shoes or socks all day. Set your feet free! Let your skin touch the earth. Allow her to flow into you.

The other option is to lie on the ground. Again you can also opt for sand at the beach if that's available to you. Make sure you're somewhere safe so you can allow yourself to sink into the ground. 

I hope you find this practice to be helpful. Definitely send me a message and let me know how it goes!


 Photo by Anshu A on Unsplash


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