Two Questions to Ask to Gain Clarity During Uncertain Times

Have you ever ugly cried? The kind of crying where there are tears streaming down your face, and snot running into your mouth because you're crying so much. UGLY crying. 

The last time I ugly cried I was truly brought to my knees. I remember where I was in my kitchen ugly crying. It was early days after my husband had passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I was still in a state of shock and unable to manage my emotions from moment to moment. 

There I was curled up into a ball on the kitchen floor completely distraught. No one was with me. I felt completely alone. Somehow out of the ether two questions floated through my mind.

How is this helping me?  What's next?

These two very simple and basic questions became the foundation on which I built my new life. It's very humbling to be in a completely broken state and ask how is this helping me? When we're in an emotionally fragile state our ego doesn't want to look inwards. 

But being at your most raw and vulnerable can allow the Universe to step in and give you the very answers you didn't know you needed. 

How is this helping me?

This very simple question puts you in the driver's seat of your life. It's taking the perspective that you're a spiritual being having a human experience. Part of the human experience is that every experience, especially the most challenging ones, are here to help you grow as a human being.

Learning these spiritual lessons can be very difficult. Every part of you can rebel when life humbles you in this way.  BUT! But if you take a few deep breaths and start to listen the Universe will give you the answers on you're seeking. 

The answers may not come right away. They might take some time. Here is where it's important to dig in your heels and trust that the Universe is always wanting what's best for you. 

In my case I kept repeating this question whenever I felt distraught, emotional or became unhinged, which was often. Over time the next part of my journey became clear to me. I went back to school for nutrition. I embarked on my journey as a health coach and nutritionist so I can help others get healthy and hopefully avoid the fate of my husband. 

What's Next?

Asking this question requires you to put all your faith into a power that's much greater than you. To trust that power. Repeating this question from a humble and open heart will allow the answers that are meant for you to come to you in due time.

This is a question that all of us can benefit from. No one knows what life will be like in the weeks and months to come. But keeping an open mind and open heart will allow the best options to come onto your path. 

I hope these two questions serve you on your path. Feel free to email me and let me know how these two questions helped you.  





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