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Going Back to Basics

The last couple of weeks have been emotional and intense.

Everything that's been going on in the world is a wake up call. I have faith that this is a grand awakening. We're all a part of it. All of us need to stand up to oppression where ever and whenever we witness it around us. Supporting Black Lives Matter and other organizations that are working on raising awareness and advocating for system change is something we all need to support. 

As I've marched, spoken to my black friends, witnessed and heard their pain I've started to think about how important it is to build a strong foundation of health in order to support others. 

The ability to hold space for others, to hear the pain in their voices, share in their heart break requires that we ourselves are of strong mind and body. In this blog I want to share my top tips for how to boost your own health so that you're able to help others. 

Remember when we used to be able to fly? I remember those days. Before take off during the safety demonstration you're told that in case of an emergency to put on your oxygen mask before you help someone else. Why is that? Because you're no good to someone else if you're not able to breathe. And yet many people are running around in their life on an empty tank.

By taking care of your health in the best possible way you can actually have the energy to take care of others. 

Sleep More

With how intense the collective energy has been the last few months you might be feeling tired and heavy. If you're an empath by nature you may feel others' emotional energy even more so. If you find yourself wanting, or needing more sleep then give yourself the gift of rest.

Sleep is when your body rebuilds tissues, your brain recovers from the day, hormones balance and your body is able to de-stress. Sleep is truly a super power. Sleeping more can help balance your mood and boost your immune system. This will help you be a better source of love and support for those around you.

Move Your Beautiful Self!

Moving your body daily in some way will help the various systems in your body and your mood. When things are emotionally intense you may not want to do a marathon. That's okay. Listen to your body.

Do some gentle yoga or go for a walk. Moving your body will help your lymph system, your central nervous system and your digestion. Plus if you get outside in nature the fresh air will help your gut health. A healthier gut helps boost your overall mood. There are so many ways to move. Find something that speaks to you and spend at least 20 minutes a day doing it.

Focus on Nutrient Dense Foods

You are what you eat. If you're eating processed junk foods you're going to feel like junk. I get it. It's so tempting to want to indulge in junk food when you're feeling stressed and emotional. Unfortunately the temporary relief of poor food choices ends up costing you in the long run. Your energy and mood is affected.

By focusing on eating organic whole foods you're actually giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive. I've been researching liquid nutrition the past few months. I feel that having at least one liquid green drink a day is great for bringing nutrients right to your cells. The better your nutrition is, the better you'll feel. As luck would have it by focusing on eating real plant foods you'll also boost your gut health. And since most of the serotonin in your body lives in your gut by creating better gut health you'll boost your mood as well.

I hope you find these tips to be helpful. You can contact me and let me know how you're doing at this time. 

Photo by Sticker You on Unsplash



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