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3 Steps To More Balance!

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Hi, I’m Julie.
I'm a regenerative health practitioner, and plant-based lifestyle advocate, on a mission to help you conquer cravings and achieve total well-being.

Health is about much more than what we eat. True health lives at the intersection of numerous things... Everything from what we eat, how much we’re sleeping, what we’re thinking, exercise and many other factors.
A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

Let's create a blueprint that works for your unique body!

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"Before I started the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation, I was 190 lbs, tired all the time, depressed, my body hurt, and had no love for myself. After a couple of weeks my cravings have subsided and I was starting to feel amazing! I was so proud at what I had accomplished, I knew I had to keep going... I finished the 30-day program losing 10lbs and around 2 inches off my waste. Since then, I am now down to 173 (17lbs) and 3 inches off my waist. Thank you Julie!"

Social Media Marketer

"Bye Bye Sugar really surprised me. I had been working out 2-3X per week for 3 months, hoping to shed a few pounds. I was monitoring my weight and seeing no change. After the first week, I was down 8 pounds! I felt better, I had more energy, and it was really quite shocking the difference the diet changes made. Now that I’ve completed the program, I am continuing to avoid certain foods. Beyond the results, I found Julie to be extremely supportive, providing daily encouragement and accountability. She was a great coach and I would recommend anyone thinking of investing in their health to partner with Julie."

Financial Advisor

"Day 30 of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation has arrived and passed, but it's not the end to this health and wellness journey of mine! It seems to just get better and better from the inside out. It's so hard to put into words these wonderful feelings with this change and all that has come my way since making this decision... I am continuing my journey with the Daily Core 4 products to keep my body in tip top shape. I feel like a whole new person. The best investment!"

Reiki Practitioner

"I went looking for something better than what I was currently doing... And I found it with Julie and the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation! I was able to go from 155lbs to 125lbs with no gym time, improve my cognitive functions, reduce inflammation, remove harsh chemicals, plastic microfibers and pesticides, increase my serotonin production, decrease my metabolic age from 55years old to 35 years. I no longer had insomnia, fatigue was gone... ALL THIS WITHIN 30 DAYS. "

Event Producer

Going Half-Way Is Not An Option

I began my journey into holistic nutrition with the vision of healing myself. 

In less than four months, I lost over 20 pounds, was able to reduce my thyroid medication by half, my brain fog lifted and my aches and pains went away.

I finally started to feel good in my body!

This is when I knew I wanted to help others take control of their health through nutrition. 


I've also won a few awards for my weight-loss coaching!

Say Hello to Healthy Living!

Start your transformation today with a Balanced Life Consultation.

I teach women and men how to integrate healthier habits into their lives. My clients learn food science in a fun and accessible way that ensures sustainable results. Weight loss is just one of the many benefits!


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