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Ways to Get Out of a Rut FAST

There was a time in my life when I wanted to get healthier but instead I would drive to the Dairy Queen drive thru.

Then I'd feel like crap for my addiction to sugar and ice cream. This was long before I learned about the harm caused by dairy products. Fast forward to today. If you offered me a million dollars to hit that drive thru I'd say no.

What changed? My mindset. In the years since my food addiction days I changed my mindset around food, my body and what's really important to me. The techniques I used to get there are the same techniques that can help you get unstuck.


Before you can transform anything you have to become aware. What's bothering you about your current state? How is it impacting your life? How is it making you feel?

It's very easy to be on auto pilot in life. In fact we're encouraged to be on auto pilot. That keeps things at the status quo. But when you start to think about what your real wants and desires are, you may find yourself wanting to break free from your day to day. 

Grab a journal and start writing about how you feel. What's working in your life? What has you feeling anxious or withdrawn? Be honest, use language that clearly expresses what you're going through. Write so much that your hand gets tired. 

Below are some of the ways that I pulled myself out of my rut of binge eating, depression and zero motivation circa 2014.


Meditation is a magic tool that allows you to notice the thoughts you're having about yourself and the world. This is a good thing! You may notice that you have angry thoughts, or judging thoughts, anxious or stressful thoughts. 

This is great information to have. Now you know the state of your mind. The thoughts you're having aren't you. Because they aren't you, you can let them go. If you're new to meditation there are apps that help you learn to meditate as well as YouTube videos. Here's a meditation video that teaches beginner's how to meditate.

Just like brushing your teeth you want to get in the habit of meditating every day. Start with five minutes and work your way up to 30 minutes daily. In time you'll understand yourself better. The very act of meditating daily will help you to create deep transformation.


Tapping aka Emotional Freedom Technique is a great and simple tool that you can use to help break up with patterns of thinking and being that aren't serving you. Tapping uses meridian points on the body to help move energy.

When I started to learn how to tap I was very depressed and feeling quite distraught. My physical body also had a lot of chronic pain. Tapping helped me to release physical tension, as well as move through some very challenging emotions. Over time it helped change my mindset along with meditation.

The tapping points are  very specific on how to tap and where to tap. You can play with the setup statement. Tapping only takes a couple of minutes. It's simple yet powerful. Here's a video that breaks it down for you. 

Seek Inspiration

'Be around people that feel like sunshine.' I don't know who said that but it's a great reminder to be mindful of the people you surround yourself with. When you're around people who have great energy and high vibes some of those vibes will rub off on you. 

Did you know that you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with? Wow. Become really mindful of who you're spending time with. If you don't have people in your life that inspire and motivate you read books written by inspiring people. Or listen to podcasts that inspire you. There are so many podcasts out there- everything from health, mindset, exercise, yoga and so much more! 

What inspires you? Who inspires you? Start to spend time around those people in real life. Or if that's not possible, consume content that inspires you. You're literally training your brain to think and be better. The more you spend time with people or content that makes you feel good, the better you'll feel. The better you feel the more you'll be motivated into action everyday. 

Plus when your emotional frequency rises you'll start to attract people and experiences in your life that'll help improve your life even more. We are energy beings. It's incredibly important to become mindful of the energy that you're putting out into the world. 

What You Eat Matters

When you're eating processed foods, processed sugar, alcohol, lots of meat and dairy most likely you're not going to feel good. Your body takes the food you're eating and turns it into cells. When the food you're having is unhealthy, you're not going to be creating healthy cells.

That's why it's so important to feed your body lots of nourishing plant foods. Why plants? Because plants intake the energy of the sun and turn that into nutrients. Eating plant food will give you lots of high vibe nutrition. If you can eat organic food that's even better! Your body doesn't deal well with chemicals, additives or preservatives. You want to give your body pure plant nutrition. 

Every time I help people incorporate more plant foods into their life, their health always improves. Have you tried it yet? If you need support let me know

I hope you give these techniques a try. Send me an email and let me know how you do with these tools. 


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