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The Nutrient That 97% Lack

There is a nutrient that most people in North America are severely deficient in. Do you know what it is?

It's not protein... it's FIBER!

Did you guess that? Likely not. In fact many people come to me worried about their protein intake. Not many think about their fiber intake. It's not something anyone is taught to pay attention to. 

There are certain diet trends like the Keto or Carnivore diet that make carbohydrates out to be the devil. The only carbs that aren't great are processed carbs. But vegetables, fruits, whole grains, rice, and lentils are all carbohydrates that are packed with amazing nutrients, chief among them fiber. 

Plant fibers feed the microbes in your gut. Without a variety of plant foods in your diet, chances are that the microbes in your gut are severely deficient in foods that they need for their very survival. This really matters because without healthy microbes in your gut, your gut microbiome will suffer. Without a healthy gut microbiome your immune...

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