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Things to Consider About Nutrient Absorption

You're eating healthy but still feel like crap. Why?

Nutrient absorption. A few months ago a client of mine was on an elimination diet. She was eating 100% plant based, mostly organic and still she wasn't feeling great. 

Turned out her gut was severely messed up. Micro-plastics and glyphosate in her gut was making it so that all the nutritious foods she was eating weren't getting absorbed. 

When it comes to creating health it isn't just about the types of foods you're eating. It's also about whether or not those foods are actually getting absorbed into your body. When your gut health is compromised then your body isn't going to be absorbing everything you're eating.

We're at a point now in human history that there is NO way that 100% of humanity isn't impacted by glyphosate. If you're not familiar with glyphosate, or haven't read some of my previous blogs, here's the run down. Glyphosate is a water soluble toxin that's found in Roundup. Right now 4 billion pounds of...

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