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Things to Consider About Nutrient Absorption

You're eating healthy but still feel like crap. Why?

Nutrient absorption. A few months ago a client of mine was on an elimination diet. She was eating 100% plant based, mostly organic and still she wasn't feeling great. 

Turned out her gut was severely messed up. Micro-plastics and glyphosate in her gut was making it so that all the nutritious foods she was eating weren't getting absorbed. 

When it comes to creating health it isn't just about the types of foods you're eating. It's also about whether or not those foods are actually getting absorbed into your body. When your gut health is compromised then your body isn't going to be absorbing everything you're eating.

We're at a point now in human history that there is NO way that 100% of humanity isn't impacted by glyphosate. If you're not familiar with glyphosate, or haven't read some of my previous blogs, here's the run down. Glyphosate is a water soluble toxin that's found in Roundup. Right now 4 billion pounds of Roundup is sprayed into crops and into the environment every single year.

With any water soluble toxin it has the ability to go everywhere. It goes into the water system, the atmosphere, the ground and all over the food supply. That is exactly what glyphosate has done. It has been found even in the breast milk of nursing mothers. That means babies are drinking in molecules of glyphosate. This should give all of us pause.

Human beings have made the environment so toxic that newborns are having to contend with chemicals like glyphosate before they're even on solid food. 

Glyphosate has been linked to autoimmune conditions, leaky gut and cancer, especially non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. When it comes to cancer, juries have started to award plaintiffs tens of millions of dollars in damages against Monsanto. The danger of glyphosate isn't opinion, it's well documented fact by now. In the human gut glyphosate glues together the microvilli of your gut, making nutrient absorption next to impossible.

Is it just me or does this seem crazy? It's a failure on people who regulate the food system that they have allowed food and agrochemical companies to dictate public policy. There's good news though.

Even though none of us can do anything about chemicals or the glyphosate that are being dumped into the environment we can do alot for our own personal health. Eventually I hope that we're able to lobby for better legislation. 

Remember my client with the messed up gut? She used Biome Medic to get the micro-plastics and chemicals out of her body. She did the 30 day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and lost close to 40 lbs of inflammation from her body. Besides losing weight her mood became better, her energy levels increased and her sleep became better. She completely transformed in 30 days. Talk about a transformation!

In a pre-clinical trial it was found that glyphosate levels dropped 74% over 6 weeks in people taking Biome Medic. Even though they were still eating the Standard American Diet. We all know the Standard American Diet is full of processed sugar, processed foods, meat and dairy. Though it's calorie dense, it's nutrient poor. It really messes up people's gut health.  

Gut health is the holy grail for overall health. Processed foods, processed sugars, fried foods, red meat, dairy, eggs, alcohol, caffeine all do a number on gut health. Add to that all the GMO foods and the thousands of chemicals in our food system and it is no wonder that many people have compromised gut health. This makes proper nutrient absorption pretty challenging. 

Biome Medic helps remove glyphosate and other chemicals, and  heavy metals. It also functions as pre and probiotic in the gut supporting the growth of good bacteria and repairs the lining of your gut. As a four in one product it's a miracle for better gut health. 

If you're interested in joining the next Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation or wanting better gut health contact me. Until next time, be well.



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