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3 Morning Rituals for Success

Do you know that the most successful people in the world have stellar morning routines?

Full confession that for the longest time my morning routine was hitting the snooze button multiple times and then jumping out of bed in a panic because I was going to be late for work. 

With time comes wisdom. My morning routine looks very different these days. Now I start every day with a morning meditation. After that I do some gratitude journaling. Then I do a workout to get my body into motion. 

I've played with hot and cold therapy off and on the last few months as well. I do like to experiment with wellness practices to see what happens for my mind and my body.

Now you may reading this thinking- "I have enough on my plate. How can I add more?"

Here's my humble suggestion. Start small. Start with a practice that you can do daily that takes only a few minutes. The simpler the practice, the less time consuming, the more likely that you'll stick to it. 

Gratitude Journal

I had a coach I worked with for years who kept telling me the power of a daily gratitude practice. She even gifted me a beautiful journal to start my practice. Did I start? NO. It took me four years to get started on this simple yet powerful morning ritual.

Research shows that the practice of gratitude actually changes how the neurons in your brain fire and wire together. Most of us, most of the time, allow our mind to be consumed with stress and daily worries. What gratitude practice does is change how your brain functions. 

The easiest and simplest gratitude practice to do is to write down three things every day that you're grateful for. It can be your morning cup of coffee, the sun outside your window, your kids, your spouse or anything that pops into your head. Take a moment after you write the three things down to breathe in deeply and appreciate what you have to be grateful for.

The simple practice of feeling grateful is the secret sauce that helps create lasting change. This practice is a five minute morning ritual that you can do as you have your morning cup of tea or coffee. It's simple yet powerful.

Some of the things I noticed since I started my gratitude practice is that I would be in a good mood for no reason and things were flowing into my life easily which gave me even more things to be grateful for.


If you know me at all you know that meditation is my jam. I've been practicing since 2007. I consider meditation to be one of my secret weapons for overall wellbeing. It literally helps me keep my mind right.

Like your gratitude practice you can keep this simple. Set your alarm for ten minutes earlier in the morning. Find a place to sit and do a ten minute meditation daily. You can practice focusing on your breath. Or you can repeat a mantra or phrase to yourself. 

Similar to your gratitude journal meditation helps to change the synaptic connections in your brain. You'll notice in time that things you found stressful or overwhelming become less so. Your sleep will improve. Some of the other benefits of meditation are that it lowers blood pressure, boosts creativity, and helps reduce chronic pain. 


Most people in North America spend most of their lives sitting at desks. As I write this blog I'm sitting at my computer. For this reason it's important to find time to move. You don't have to run a marathon. Find something you enjoy doing and do that four to six times a week.

Some of the options are yoga, going for a walk, HIIT training, jumping rope or having a dance party in your kitchen. I'm a big fan of moving in the morning because it helps boosts your mood. Exercise helps boost endorphins which helps you to feel good. Who doesn't want to feel good?

If you're new to a morning routine pick one of these three things and do it consistently for 30 days. Notice how you feel, your mood and your mindset. If you want to learn more go to my website and download my free ebook. In it I talk more in depth about these practices. 

I always love to hear from people. If you try one of these practices or adopt a morning routine let me know how it goes! 

Photo by- John-Mark Smith


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