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Is Weight the Be All and End All for Health?

How much does weight have to do with health?

It's actually only one part of the whole. There are many aspects to health that matter more than weight. It's important to focus on those on the way to creating better health.

There are health risks associated with obesity. However that's not what I'm talking about in this blog. I want to talk about the problems associated with trying to live up to impossible beauty standards and the danger of diet culture. 

In my late twenties I was unhappy with my weight so I hired a personal trainer and embarked on a plan to lose weight. The amount doesn't even matter now when I think about it. After six months I managed to lose a bunch of weight. I was getting compliments on how I looked. Finally I was able to wear clothes that made me feel sexy. I could go to auditions without feeling self conscious.

But I was miserable! I was obsessed about every calorie on my plate. I thought about food all the time. Talk about torture!

When I embarked on my...

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What Diet Trends are Worth Following?

Every year there's a new diet trend.

Paleo. Keto. Carnivore. With each new trend there are recipes, books, Pinterest posts, Instagram influencers. Usually the benefits of each trend is touted and many people jump on board hoping to create better health and ripped abs. 

Is every trend healthy? What diet trend should you follow? In this blog I go over some of the more popular diet trends and some of the health risks that are related to them. 

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is a hot trend, but it's not a new eating plan. This diet emphasizes foods and beverages that would have been the only means of sustenance for humans in prehistoric and pre-agrarian times -- fruit, vegetables, nuts, and meat. It eliminates processed foods, along with sugar, table salt, caffeine, legumes, and dairy.

The pluses with Paleo is that it eliminates processed foods, sugar and dairy which means it reduces inflammation. The downside is that some versions of Paleo people have too much meat or have...

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