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What is Nutrient Density? Does it Really Matter?

Food is just food right? It's all the same isn't it?

Not exactly. There are many foods that are a part of the modern diet that are lacking in nutrients. The obvious culprits are fast foods and processed foods. However outside of that it helps to also seriously think about where you get your fruits and vegetables.

In this blog I'm going to focus on produce. I'll cover meat and dairy in a subsequent blog.

The vegetables and fruit you get at the farmer's market or your garden are vastly different from what you get at the store. Why? Simply because of how food is transported, stored and brought to market.

Where It All Begins

Produce is at its freshest and most nutrient dense when it's first picked. Unfortunately in North America often times produce gets picked, then trucked to a warehouse. From the warehouse it eventually makes it to the grocery store. Then you drive to the grocery store to purchase vegetables and fruits.

Once you get your groceries home chances are that most of the...

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