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Six Ways to Build Resilience in Uncertain Times

Has 2020 kicked your butt?

It kicked mine in ways I didn't expect. The only thing that has made me feel okay about everything that 2020 has been is that I know all of humanity is going through this together. I also appreciate that some people have things much worse than I do. That has motivated me to actually be helpful to others, rather than complain about what's happening for me. 

Resilience is a powerful weapon against uncertainty in life. Let's face it, life is always uncertain. It only seems certain because all of us have created the illusion of certainty. We have schedules, routines, homes, and day to day trappings that can make us all feel like there's some kind of certainty. It's all an illusion.

On September 20, 2012 I had my illusion of certainty shattered in ways I never expected. My came home and found my husband not well, extremely not well. I called the paramedics and they did what they're trained to do. I prayed for a miracle. When it was clear none was coming I...

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