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Is Eating Organic The Only Way to Health?

Is eating organic all the time a MUST?

As a nutritionist and health coach I strive to get as much organic food into my body as I can. However there are times when it's very challenging to get all organic. It helps to know which foods to always get organic and which foods it's okay if I can't find organic. 

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a non partisan, non profit organization that compiles a list every year of the cleanest and dirtiest fruits and vegetables that are grown. It's good to check out their website every year to get a better handle on which foods you absolutely want to get organic. 

If you go to farmer's markets get to know the farmers in your area. For small farms getting the full certification to become organic may be cost prohibitive. From speaking with the farmer you may learn they use organic growing methods. It helps to get to know the people who are growing your food. 

What's the big whoop about pesticides anyway?

Many of the pesticides and...

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