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Two Powerful Ways to Boost Gut Health

How much do you know about your gut?

To be honest before I started working as a nutritionist I gave no thought to gut health. It wasn't something that entered into my consideration. Turns out many people are exactly the same way. 

Two years ago I dove into gut health though. I've been living with an autoimmune condition since 2014. I had done everything I could to get my health to a more stable place. But I hit a plateau. Then I stumbled on research between gut health and autoimmune conditions. Let's just say the rest is history.

What's the gut got to do with it?

All disease begins in your gut, including autoimmune diseases. Unfortunately the standard Western diet does a number on your gut health. Compromised gut health affects your immune health because 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Change your diet, change your gut microbiome, improve your immune health.

Poor immune health makes your susceptible not only for COVID-19 but also to any other viruses or bugs that might be floating around.

Along with poor diet, choices there are also chemicals in your food that makes having a healthy gut next to impossible. One of the worst chemicals in the food system is glyphosate.

The word is pronounced Gly-PHO-Sate.

What exactly is glyphosate and why should you care? Glyphosate is a water soluble toxin that can be found in the herbicide Roundup. It's used mostly in farming and sprayed onto crops like oats, corn, soy and many others. Due to the fact that it is water soluble, it has the ability to travel anywhere in the environment. Since we live on a planet that's made up of mostly water, glyphosate is in the soil, air and water.

And there lies the rub.

Unlike other toxins that might be fat soluble, because glyphosate is water soluble it can go anywhere there's water. Water in the ground, up into the atmosphere, and anywhere in our bodies.

We're breathing in poison.

It can soak into your body through your skin cells, but mostly you absorb it from the foods you eat - many of which are genetically-modified (GMO) foods. On the one hand you can buy perfect looking produce, but be aware that the reality is it's full of glyphosate.

Why, then, is glyphosate used in farming at all, you ask?

Glyphosate, more specifically Roundup, is used to kill weeds. There are also plants that are genetically modified to resist Roundup. When they're planted, a farmer can use Roundup in his/her fields to kill weeds without killing the plants. At harvest time some of the herbicide glyphosate remains on the plants. It ends up in many package cereals, on produce... and even in things like wine!

It's found in breast milk because pregnant women consume glyphosate along with their food. They breathe it into their bodies from the air they breathe. It lives in their tissues and makes its way into newborn babies through their mother's breast milk. It's truly scary how prevalent glyphosate is in the food system and all over our environment.

When it comes to health, glyphosate has been linked to a slew of health problems.

It causes permeation in the lining of the gut, causing leaky gut. That means toxins that are meant to stay in the gut, and be expelled out of the body, end up traveling to other parts of the body.

Not good.

Disease like autism, birth defects, cancer, celiac disease, chronic kidney disease, colitis, depression, diabetes, hypothyroidism, IBS, liver disease, and reproductive problems have all been linked to glyphosate. It's likely that glyphosate, along with other chemicals in our environment, are contributing to a range of disease states.

Glyphosate impacts your overall health. It's not something that you want to hang out in your body. Are you exposed to it? Do you live on Planet Earth? Then yes, you definitely have glyphosate in your body. It's affecting your health, likely in ways you don't even realize.

This is why it's very important to take your gut health seriously and take proactive measures to stay healthy.

How exactly can you do that?

First, eat as much certified organic food as you can to limit your exposure to foods that have not only glyphosate, but other pesticides and herbicides on them.

Making this effort will definitely limit your exposure, but unfortunately I can't tell you that you'll completely eliminate glyphosate. Remember: Glyphosate is water soluble so it's possible that there's some glyphosate in rain or snow, as well as drinking water. Glyphosate is also present in the air, which means you can breathe it in.

The other thing you can do is start taking Biome Medic. In research studies Biome Medic has been shown to reduce glyphosate by 74% and C-reactive protein by 75% in six weeks of use.

FYI: C-reactive protein is a response that's initiated by your liver when it detects foreign substances in your body. It's the autoimmune response. The rise in autoimmune conditions has been linked to the rise in use of glyphosate. Biome Medic also repairs any damage to the gut lining, supports good bacteria and removes heavy metals along with glyphosate out of your body. It's better than a probiotic because it does so much more than any probiotic currently on the market.

At this point in time there are few regulations on glyphosate. About 4 billion pounds of it gets dumped into the environment every single year. There are a few cities like Los Angeles and Montreal that have banned the use of glyphosate, however it's not clear how they plan to succeed when it's possible for glyphosate to travel many miles through either the water supply, the atmosphere or by rainfall.

Your best defence is to start to eat organic foods as much as possible and use Biome Medic daily to improve your gut health. You can get it right here (scroll down the page) using my discount referral code!

Please share this blog with your friends and help educate others on the very real danger of glyphosate.

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