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Nine years ago I was suffering from anxiety. This was long before I decided to train as a health coach and nutritionist so my wellness toolbox wasn't that big. 

Meditation and yoga weren't working to calm my frayed nerves. I was seeing this naturopath who had a pretty interesting piece of advice for me. She told me to go outside everyday and stand with my bare feet in the grass for 15 minutes. 

I didn't have to do anything except stand there. I was desperate. So I did as she suggested. I didn't do it everyday. But on the days I did I felt better. If she had explained the real science behind it I may have committed as religiously to Grounding as my daily meditation practice. 

I believe to the depths of my soul that when you discover something that has merit it will find you again. Now nine years later Grounding has found me and I'm definitely hooked!

The Science

Grounding aka Earthing has really solid science behind it. There are 25 peer reviewed studies that look at the benefits of Grounding. It has been shown to reduce overall inflammation, chronic pain and help ease many chronic health conditions. 

But how? In a nutshell the Earth has a slightly negative charge to it. When you stand with your bare feet, or have your bare hands on the Earth your body gets charged with electrons. It's simple and it works!

Most people are disconnected from the Earth and don't realize it. By wearing shoes made from rubber or other synthetic materials you lose your connection to Mother Earth. Plus living indoors, insulated from Nature isn't good for your overall health. The daily load of toxins and free radical damage builds up in your body. When you ground to the Earth the electrons from the Earth help to neutralize the free radicals in your body thereby reducing inflammation.

The best way to connect to the Earth is to connect to the Earth. Get outside and walk bare foot in the grass. If you're close to a sandy beach go walk in the sand bare foot. If you live somewhere private enough you can even lie down naked on the ground! I won't tell anyone! To be honest I'm definitely going to give this a try when the opportunity presents itself.

How I Found Earthing Again

After my husband passed away I lost my connection to the Earth. I actually didn't even feel connected to my body. I felt disconnected all the time and it felt really uncomfortable. Plus I lived with intense daily chronic pain. I set out on a mission to find a way to feel at home in my body and reduce the chronic pain I was in.

I didn't realize what I needed to do was to ground to the Earth. I hadn't done the practice long enough nine years ago to really benefit from it. I stayed consistent with my Meditation practice but Grounding I only dabbled in. Meditation helped but it didn't eliminate my chronic pain. I changed my nutrition. Eating healthier made me feel better overall but I still had some pain in my body. It was greatly reduced but it was still there. 

I'm always open to learning ways to optimize my own health. Then earlier this year I started to play with Grounding again. I started wearing grounding shoes. Recently I decided to invest in some grounding sheets. After the first night with the grounding sheets I woke up with less pain in my body. I also noticed that I slept more deeply. I'm a deep sleeper but this was next level deep sleep!

It's getting colder in my part of the world so I won't get to lay down naked on the Earth anytime soon. However I also decided to get a grounding mat for my office. As I type these words, my feet are resting on a grounding mat while I work. It's simple yet I find it to be soothing. I look forward to when the weather warms up again so I can actually stand barefoot in the grass again.

There's alot about Grounding that makes so much sense. In our fast paced busy modern lives we have collectively separated from Nature. In big and small ways we are all being called back to Nature herself. There's so much wisdom in Nature. We ourselves are Nature. We can't separate from the very Nature that has created you, me, the birds, trees, insects, fish, cows, horses, elephants and everything else in our natural world. 

The best thing about Grounding is that it is FREE! You don't have to buy Earthing mats or sheets (though you can buy them if you wish, they're not expensive), you can simply go outside and stand barefoot in the grass, most of the year. I'm pretty excited to be Grounding myself every single day. I've made many strides in my own personal health so I'm excited to see how Grounding adds to my health over the coming months. Creating optimal health is really about finding practices that help create wellbeing. It's not one thing but a range of practices. My wellness toolbox has gotten quite big. I'm so glad to be share the benefits of Grounding with you!

If you've never tried Grounding give it a shot. Let me know how it goes! Until next, be well.


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