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Consistency is QUEEN. How Can You Get Consistent?

Whether you're looking for better health or wanting to master a new skill consistency is QUEEN.

If it was easy to be consistent everyone would be crushing their goals. Right?  I'm going to share with you what I've been doing for years to get myself on track.

In a few days I'm going to be marking a very dark anniversary in my life. My husband died very suddenly on September 20, 2012. After his death my mental health spiralled out of control. All of my healthy habits went out the window. I know what it's like to be depressed and unmotivated. I know what it feels like to not want to do anything or feel there's anything to live for.

What made me get myself back on track? No one could make me want more for myself. I had to choose a better life for myself. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I missed the person I used to be. I knew I couldn't go back but I really wanted to do something positive with my life. I had many starts and stops on my road to health. I want to share with you some of the process that I used. It took time, it wasn't easy. But I'm totally worth it. And so are you.

Have a Strong WHY

Having a really strong WHY will help you when things get challenging. Anytime you're trying to create better habits you'll be faced with stumbling blocks. It's a normal part of the process. Remind yourself why you started. Write down your WHY. If you're a visual person you can do a vision board or create some kind of art piece that expresses your WHY. Keep reminding yourself daily about your WHY. It'll help you stay on track.

Uninspired? Do it Anyway

There are going to be days where you're not going to want to eat healthy, or exercise, meditate or whatever else it is that you've embarked on. On those days do it anyway. Remind yourself, of your own WHY and do it anyway. In fact give yourself a timeline.

Let's say you want to get healthier. Commit yourself to eating healthy for 30 days. Give it your best, even on the days you don't feel like it. At the end of the 30 days evaluate how you feel. Most likely you'll be feeling better and be much more motivated to stay on track.

Find an Accountability Partner

Everyone needs accountability. The most successful people on the planet have coaches and people they work with to keep them accountable to their goals. If you're wanting to get healthy, maybe a friend wants to get healthy with you. You could keep each other on track with fitness and nutrition. 

If you can't find a friend, work with a coach or mentor. Investing in yourself will be well worth it in the long run. In my early days of trying to get myself back on track I worked closely with a coach. I worked with her for almost four years. When I started working with her I was severely depressed. Four years later I had gone back to school for nutrition, had better nutrition and wellness routines, my depression had lifted. Having a coach helped me stay accountable to myself. It was well worth the investment in myself. 

Forgive Yourself and Move On

No one is perfect. Even if you have the biggest WHY in the world, when you're trying to build better habits you'll likely slip up. That's okay. It happens to even the most motivated people. When I was trying to get myself back on track after my husband's death I would take two steps forward and five steps back. 

When this happened I had to forgive myself and try again. I'm so glad I never gave up on myself. No matter what happens recommit yourself to your WHY and start again. When things go sideways ask yourself how you can recommit yourself to your health and wellness goals. Forgive yourself and start again.


It's all about consistency. No matter how many times you have to start over stay consistent. Over time you'll get more consistent. That consistency will help you build better habits.  In time you'll rewire your brain for better habits. 

For any lasting success in anything one has to remain consistent. You can't eat healthy for one day and expect vibrant health. To create vibrant health you have to consistently practice the routines and rituals that will get you to where you want to go. This also applies if you're learning a new skill.

Let me know if these tips helped you! Until next time, be well. 

Photo by: Dan Gold 


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