What's the Easiest Way to Shift Stress? BREATH!

Did you know that most people live in a state of constant stress?

True story. Most people either breathe too shallow, restrict their breath or simply forget to breathe. 

Breathing, especially deep breathing, can have profound affect on how you feel in your body. Shallow breath puts your body in a state of fight or flight, also known as the sympathetic nervous system response. However deep belly breaths helps your body kick into a parasympathetic nervous system response, also known as rest and digest. Ideally you want to live your life in a parasympathetic nervous system response state as much as possible. It turns out that your body also absorbs nutrients from food better this way, thus the digest part.

In this week's video I'm sharing some breathing techniques to help bring your stress levels down. You can practice these techniques first thing in the morning or right before you go to sleep. It'll definitely help with a deeper more restful sleep.  These are also breathing techniques you can use at any point in your day. If you find that you're feeling overwhelmed please use one of these techniques to help relieve anxiety and stress. 

Anytime, Anywhere

The breathing techniques I'm sharing with you, you can do from anywhere. Waiting in line somewhere, driving, sitting on public transit. It's also a really great way to relieve stress in the moment. If you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed, pause, notice how you're feeling and then practice one of the breathing techniques I share in the video.

Awareness is the first step to transformation. Notice how you're breathing? Are you breathing shallow? Holding your breath? You can do breathing techniques standing up, sitting down or lying down. It's up to you how you want to practice. As you start to do a breath practice you'll feel your body shift in subtle ways. 

As with anything the more consistently you practice the easier it will get to do the practice. Start slow, make it a regular part of your day. See where your breath takes you. Let me know how it goes! Contact me and let me know! 













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