"I finished my Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and lost 15 pounds and 6 inches. For me, this is not a diet. It is a huge shift in the way I treat myself, how I care for myself and how I show up each day. Why would I want to walk around in a rusted, unconscious, inflamed body? My spirit and my current self deserves more. This is not about losing weight, this is about reformulating your perception of yourself."


"I have known Julie for years and knew that what she puts her mind to, she sees it through. She is so thorough, well read, and detailed that immediately trust her judgment on the Ultimate Lifestyle Challenge. She educated me (never pushed me) and when the time was right she coached me through the process of the detox, and how to get myself and body in a place that felt good and healthy. She truly cares. She is an activist, and she is smart— you can trust her."


"I'm obsessed with the 30-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation! I love a powerful detox program that doesn't make you feel like you're starving, but gives you the results you're looking for. Julie Brar has been an incredible coach guiding me through the process, checking in on me regularly, and answering any questions I may have. I'm so grateful to have someone I can connect to directly while going through the program, and Julie goes above and beyond to support your success. I feel lighter and happier... and my body feels more in balance. If you feel like your mind and body needs a reboot then I highly recommend you consult with Julie about the right program for you and your needs."



"Sometimes getting back on track takes a bit of help. Whether it's business, health, or personal goals, Julie has been instrumental in my successes by redefining how I work in my zone of genius, and developing tools that turn challenges into indicators and to not be paralyzed by them. Having a coach seems a bit more like a family doctor, everyone should have one!"


"Signing up for Julie's Bye Bye Sugar program was one of the best decisions I have made. It helped me get back on track and helped me realize how my diet was suffering over the past few years. I loved the reading material that Julie provided and her daily videos kept me on track. Julie was also available throughout the program to address any questions or concerns that I had. I felt so satisfied and content during Bye Bye Sugar. The material in the program made me realize that this wasn't just a diet change, it's a lifestyle change and I highly recommend it!"


"I have to be honest in saying I was reluctant to try the Bye Bye Sugar program since sugar really has been a staple in my diet for almost all my life! Julie was very encouraging, supportive and really held me accountable. Her program was well organized and smartly thought out. She checked in with me regularly to see how I was doing, offer advice and positive thoughts. The recipes she supplied were great and her instructions on how to prepare my kitchen and plan, as well as prepare my meals, made the program a lot easier than I thought it would be. I'm happy to say that I was able to complete the program and in doing so I felt a great sense of success. I felt great!"

Norm Jolin

"Bye Bye Sugar really surprised me. I had been working out 2-3X per week for 3 months, hoping to shed a few pounds. I was monitoring my weight and seeing no change. After the first week in Bye Bye Sugar, I was down 8 pounds! I felt better, I had more energy, and it was really quite shocking the difference the diet changes made. Now that I’ve completed the program, I am continuing to avoid certain foods. Beyond the results, I found Julie to be extremely supportive, providing daily encouragement and accountability. She was a great coach and I would recommend anyone thinking of investing in their health to partner with Julie."

Ian Worthington

"Bye Bye Sugar was really great for shining a spotlight on my eating habits. It made me aware of the foods that gave me energy versus the foods that robbed me of it. I didn’t feel great immediately after I started the program, but after a few days I started to feel much better. Things that would normally stress me out didn’t bug me as much. Bye Bye Sugar also taught me to become aware of labels, especially the labels of so-called ‘health' foods. Months later I’m still practicing the habits I learned during the program. Julie was very accessible and it was amazing to have a knowledgeable coach! The daily coaching was great for accountability."

Nicolee Evans

"I joined Julie’s Bye Bye Sugar challenge on November 1st 2018. I joined it as my busy life as a mom and business owner had me consistently making poor food choices, not sleeping well and feeling blah. I have always been on the heavier side and struggle with my weight and an injury earlier the year sidelined me from most physical activity which only compounded my struggles with stress, weight and body image. The first few days of the program were tremendously difficult for me. I was cranky and irritable. However, Julie was extremely understanding and responded to my multiple inquires on what foods I should avoid. After the first three days I started to settle into a routine and after about 7 days I started to see some remarkable differences. I woke up feeling better... the typical aches in my lower back had reduced, I woke up more alert. In addition, I noticed how much better I was able to manage stress through a difficult year end/holiday season as I was more patient and articulate. I also noticed my clothes began to feel more comfortable, my cravings subsided and overall confidence in myself increased. One of the most unexpected benefits I experienced was my torn rotator cuff, which had not been responding to physiotherapy for months. This had a profound impact on my stress. By the end of the Bye Bye Sugar program, it had become much less painful and my mobility increased! This was a surprise that gave me hope for recovery and allowed me to get back to the gym. Bonus that my cravings for sugary food were gone! Julie truly opened my eyes to how sugar can impact the body both mentally and physically and has helped shape how I fuel my body moving forward."

Denise Aston

"I started a new journey to find my self with Julie's guidance. The initial goal was to let go of my fears and judgment. We started with weekly exercises and what eventually happened was that I started pealing back layers and discovering myself. I am really grateful to Julie for helping me through our weekly coaching sessions. I have become more confident in who I am, kinder to myself and others. Thanks to Julie's tips and techniques, I learned observing myself during the day, and practices to keep calm in a situations that used to agitate me a lot. She brought so much change to my life! "


"Yoga can be difficult and boring for some people. But when you have an amazing yoga teacher, you'll want to practice yoga everyday, multiple times a day. Julie is that amazing teacher for me. She is awesome and authentic, creative and consistent. She brings passion, energy, and awareness to her classes. She is genuine. She cares. She inspires us to work hard. She makes us laugh. She gives us sense of ease when practicing difficult poses. She also empowers us with her great nutritional knowledge."


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