Why Superfoods?

Ideally we want to get 9-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to help combat stress and free radical damage.

Since most people aren't able to get enough whole plant foods in their diet, quality superfoods, help fill in the nutritional gaps.

I recently discovered Purium as they have plant-based USDA Organic/Non-GMO products that support health from head to toe. They also have the ONLY certified, clinically tested product that pulls glyphosate and heavy metals out of the digestive system.

Rest assured, I’ve searched extensively and taken a lot of time to find companies I want to recommend!

My Top 3 Products from Purium


30-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Say hello to clean, green nutrition! Uniquely designed with organic superfood phytonutrients and pure, vegan protein, Purium's 30-Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation combines the power of a 10-day cleanse with their nutrient-dense Core 4 group of products. Flush away harmful toxins and chemicals and replenish every system of your body with pure, premium, green nutrition.

Health Benefits

• Aids the body in detoxification and cleansing of the digestive tract.

• Helps the body break addictions to harmful foods.
• Supplies the body with pure, vegan protein.

Biome Medic

Protect your gut from cancer-causing glyphosate and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with this exclusive and proprietary formula of all-natural ingredients. This product can help flush harmful toxins, support “good” bacteria and repair your microbiome. 

Tested & Award-Winning

• Awarded Gold Seal by the Detox Project as a glyphosate detox solution.

• Double-blind trial showed decrease in glyphosate levels by 74%.


Core 4 Nutrition

This pack is a great essential nutrition base because it has Biome Medic for gut health, the Power Shake for all the super greens, Super Aminos for great clean protein and Apothe-Cherry drink for melatonin production. All keys for good health. 
 Health Benefits
• Pure, vegan protein.
• Supports healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
• May help balance circadian rhythms for proper sleep.


"Before I started the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (ULT), I was 190 lbs, tired all the time, depressed and had no love for myself. I ate constantly, sweets and “comfort food”. It was a viscous cycle because I would be frustrated with my body, then eat, then feel guilty about what I ate, then not care and eat again. I had met Julie and I started the ULT February 16th ...and haven’t looked back! I got into the groove in just a couple of days. After a week of detox, I felt like I was taking my power back! I had lost a few pounds, my mind was clearer and my mood was so much better. After a couple of weeks my cravings had subsided and I was starting to feel amazing! I was so proud at what I had accomplished, I knew I had to keep going. Sadly, we are always challenged. I was challenged with the cancer diagnosis of my dog Scarlet. I was a mess for days, but the interesting thing I noticed was that I didn’t turn to old habits... I didn’t even turn to food. The emotional eating cycle was broken! That’s when I knew I truly had my power back. I finished the 30-day program losing 10 lbs and around 2 inches off my waste. Since then, I am now down to 173 (17lbs) and 3 inches off my waste. I have a goal now to get to 165 lbs!"


"Day 30 of the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation has arrived and passed, but it's not the end to this health and wellness journey of mine! Definitely shifting in the right direction and flowing forward. All these changes and it seems to just get better and better from the inside out! It's so hard to put into words these wonderful feelings with this change and all that has come my way since making this decision! My cleanse is technically over, but I am continuing my journey with my daily Core 4 products to keep my body in optimal shape."


"I went looking for something better than what I was currently doing... And I found it! I was able to go from 155lbs to 125lbs with no gym time, improve my cognitive functions, reduce inflammation by 89%, remove harsh chemicals, plastic microfibers and pesticides by 75% , increased my serotonin production, decrease my metabolic age from 55 years old to 35 years and increased my own natural melatonin production. I no longer had insomnia, fatigue was gone, and purged parasites I had picked up from handling and eating meat. ALL THIS WITHIN 30 DAYS!"


"I did Purium's Nutritional Transformation over the summer and it was really helpful for breaking some of my bad habits around food. Sticking to the program was really easy because the focus is on eating whole foods. I even had two business trips during the cleanse and had no problems finding things I could eat! How amazing is that? I lost a few pounds and my muscles got a lot more toned. My 40 days ended in September and I've continued with the Core 4 products every day. Because it's impossible to eat 100% organic foods all the time, I feel good supporting gut health by taking Biome Medic daily. Plus I really enjoy the Power Shake because of all the organic ingredients in it. Having a really amazing vegan protein source in the Super Aminos 23 is what's helping me to build muscle. Losing weight, better energy and gut support are all things that are important to me for overall health. I love that Purium has a product line that's 100% organic, non GMO free of all toxic chemicals and is focused on whole foods nutrition! The best part since I've been on Purium? By focusing on my gut health since September 2019 I've been able to finally get off my thyroid medication for good! That's been the biggest part of my transformation. I'm truly grateful!"


Never done a transformation and want to know more?

Feel free to reach out and I can help you decide what type of transformation might be right for you. I'm also available if you'd like to chat about Purium's range of products.


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