If you are ready to...

  • Set short- and long-term goals tailored to your needs and wants.
  • Release patterns that aren’t working.
  • Find simple ways to create more
    successful habits.
  • Release limiting beliefs and old traumas.
  • Let go of mental blocks.
  • Create a short daily self care routine that helps you stay on track.

Let's connect!

Using the Total Transformation Method, we’ll work together over 12 weeks to uncover habits of thinking, being and doing that might be blocking you from living your best life. 

Together, we discover a tailored approach that will help you get to the life you want. 

Every client is unique, therefore every approach is unique. That's the beauty of working one on one with a coach... Having your personal cheerleader to keep you motivated and accountable!

"I have become more confident of who I am, kinder to myself and others. Thanks to Julie's tips and techniques, I learned to observe myself during the day, and practices to keep calm in a situations that used to agitate me a lot. I am grateful because of the changes she brought to my life."


"Sometimes getting back on track takes a bit of help. Whether it's business, health, or personal goals, Julie has been instrumental in my successes. By redefining how I work in my zone of genius, and developing tools that turn challenges into indicators so I could learn not be paralyzed by them, she changed everything! Having a coach seems a bit more like a family doctor, everyone should have one. "


Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation to see if private coaching and the 12-week Total Transformation Method is right for you.


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