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"Julie goes above and beyond to support your success. I feel lighter and happier... and my body feels more in balance. If you feel like your mind and body need a reboot then I highly recommend a consultation with her." - Kelsey

Simple & Fast

Getting healthy shouldn't be complicated, and unlearning bad habits shouldn't be intimidating. That's why I've designed a simple system to set you up for success!

Learn & Glow

  1. Gain clarity on all your health concerns.

  2. You'll get important guidelines to improve your health (and stay disease-free).

  3. Walk away with an action plan to achieve your goals.

    BOOKING BONUS: 20 recipes to start your transformation!

Step 1

As soon as you book you'll get a 3-Day Meal Tracker. This will allow me to properly evaluate where you're currently at and how best to move forward.

Step 2

Once the completed Meal Tracker is received, I'll start preparing a customized plan to achieve your goals -- and you'll be able to book your consultation call.

Step 3

We'll have our call and, if you'd like to invest further in your health, we can continue working together. I can't wait to get to know you better and be your coach!

I'm Ready!

"I'm so grateful to Julie for getting me started and for all the support!"  

- Joyce

"I felt like I had no purpose, no confidence... basically just didn’t care. Now almost one month later, I’m feeling amazing."

- Tayler

"I made life-altering choices for myself... Her guidance and support helped me through this process."

- Sebastian



Award-Winning, Certified Health Coach & Plant-Based Nutritionist

I teach women and men how to integrate healthier habits into their lives. My clients learn food science in a fun and accessible way that ensures sustainable results.

Anything is possible with enough determination. That is the power of the human spirit. That is the power of passion.

I am equal parts optimist & activist and believe in both the science of health and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Here's what Ian said about working with me:

"After the first week of making changes I was down 8 pounds already! I felt better, I had more energy, it was really quite shocking the difference the diet changes made." 



I normally charge clients $300 to coach them through these steps... You will receive all same tips and strategies for just $50!

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