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STOP feeling guilty every time you reach for something that tastes good.

GAIN energy instead of weight.

 GET UNSTUCK from the cycle of yo-yo dieting.



Join me - Certified Health & Nutrition Coach Julie Brar - for a unique challenge that will completely reset your body, mind & spirit.

"Thank you very much for this challenge... I lost over 5 pounds! I've started to incorporate healthy nutritious food into my diet and I feel amazing. A HUGE thank you!" - Marsha

Simple & Fun

Getting healthy shouldn't be complicated, and unlearning bad habits shouldn't be intimidating. That's why I've designed a simple and engaging challenge to elevate your awareness and set you up for sugar-free success!

Learn & Glow

  1. I'll show you how to prepare your kitchen for success.

  2. You'll get important guidelines to improve your gut health (and stay disease-free).

  3. I'll share tips so you can deal with any detox symptoms like a pro.

    BONUS: 20 recipes to start and continue your sugar-free life!

Mindset Check

Habit change is tricky. Different methods work for different people. We'll dig deep and get honest about what's holding you back from true health and well-being.

Detox vs. Diet

I'll show you how to deal with detox symptoms and stay on track - even when it seems like your body is screaming for sugar and all things unhealthy.

Good Food, Good Health

I'll help you prep your kitchen for optimal health and you'll get 20 delicious recipes! 

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Award-Winning, Certified Health Coach & Plant-Based Nutritionist

I teach women and men how to integrate healthier habits into their lives. My clients learn food science in a fun and accessible way that ensures sustainable results.

Anything is possible with enough determination. That is the power of the human spirit. That is the power of passion.

I am equal parts optimist & activist and believe in both the science of health and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Here's what Ian said about working with me:

"The 5-day really surprised me. I had been working out 2-3X per week for 3 months, hoping to shed a few pounds.  I was monitoring my weight and seeing no change. After the first week making changes in the 5 days I was down 8 pounds already! I felt better, I had more energy, it was really quite shocking the difference the diet changes made!" 



I normally charge clients $300 to coach them through these steps... You will receive all same tips and strategies for just $27. A savings of $273!

I'm Ready To Kick Sugar!